Scheduled Talks and Events

On this page you can find the full programme for NordPhil (click here for a pdf version):

Friday (Early introduction) 17th:
Anyone who arrives in Oslo (or is already here) the day before the conference is welcome to Café Mistral for an evening at the pub. Sebastian Watzl, associate professor at the Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature at the University of Oslo will be present to give a talk on the relationship between attention and consciousness. The event starts at 19:00. Café Mistral, Majorstuveien 41, 0367 Oslo.

Take t-bane 3,4 or 6 going west from Oslo central station (Jernbanetorget) and gett off at ‘Majorstuen’. From thereon its a two minutes walk to Mistral.


Saturday (Theoretical Philosophy) 18th:

1100-1130 Introduction to conference and group 1 (see here for detailed info on where the conference will take place)

1130-1220 Saber Malmgren, Uppsala,
”Illusionism” View abstract

1230-1320 Martin Rissler, Stockholm,
”Phenomenal Epiphany or Zombie Illusion: What are the Building Blocks of Phenomenal Experience?” View abstract

1330-1420 Sivert Ellingsen, Oslo,
”A Valid ”Trilemma” Argument” View abstract

1420-1530 Lunch

1530-1650 Matti Eklund, Uppsala, Main Speaker, plus introduction to group 2
”Possible Concepts” View abstract

1700-1750 Mattias Skipper Rasmussen, Aarhus
”Counterpossibles and the Nature of Impossible Worlds” View abstract

1800-1850 Mattias Wikström, Uppsala,
”The Liar Paradox” View abstract

2000         Dinner
We have a table reserved for all active participants and organizers at restaurant Patio. Those who attend NordPhil without giving talks are welcome to join us, but will have to pay for their own food, and reserve their own tables.

Patio is located at Pilestredet 60, Oslo.


Sunday (Practical Philosophy) 19th:

1100-1115 Introduction to group 3

1115-1205 Annika Gilljam, Gothenburg
”Kvotering som Reparation” View abstract

1215-1305 Iurii Kozik, Bergen
”Left-Libertarianism without Consequentialism” View abstract

1315-1405 Sebastian Lagunas Rosén, Stockholm,
”Jämlikhetens Gränser” View abstract

1405-1515 Lunch

1515-1530 Introduction to group 4

1530-1620 Andreas Beyer Gregersen, Aalborg
”Helgener ved forhandlingsbordet” View abstract

1630-1720 Simon Allzén & Alexander Andersson, Gothenburg
”The Evolution of Expressivism” View abstract

1730-1820 Christian Norefalk, Lund
”Underminerar Evolutionen Objektiva Moraliska Fakta”? View abstracts

1820-1845 Conference ends