Language Policy

The original idea behind NordPhil was to create a conference for Scandinavian philosophy students in which they could present and discuss philosophical ideas in their native tongues. As a result, we initially limited participation to Swedes, Norwegians and Danes in order to ensure mutual linguistic intelligibility.

Voices were raised, however, concerning the fact that there are sizable parts of the Nordic population outside of Scandinavia who also speak Scandinavian languages. We therefore decided to welcome participants from Finland and Iceland given that they understand at least one of the original three languages.

The result is the following language policy: NordPhil welcomes philosophy students from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland. Abstracts and talks can be done in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or English. The minimum requirement for participation is that the participants speaks at least one of the above four languages, and can understand Swedish, Danish or Norwegian.

We hope this policy will be as inclusive as possible while allowing languages other than English at the conference.