Kinds of participation
If you want to participate at NordPhil there are two ways of doing so:

  • Active participation
    Active participants will hold a thirty-five-minute talk about a philosophical topic of their own choosing, and then answer questions about that talk for about fifteen minutes. (Deadline has passed, we no longer accept applications for active participation!)
  • Passive participation
    As a passive participant you are at the conference to listen to the talks given by the active participants. You can engage with them by asking questions and discussing the topics being presented. You are also welcome to join the social events surrounding the conference (more details on this will be added later on).

If you want to be a passive participant at NordPhil, please send us an email at and include your name. You may attend the conference without contacting us beforehand, but we will be unable to keep you updated, send you abstracts or guarantee free lunch unless we hear from you.