NordPhil 2016

About the Conference

What is NordPhil?
NordPhil is a conference for Nordic BA & MA students of philosophy. The aim of the conference is to allow students to hold talks and discuss philosophy with like-minded individuals in a setting that tries to mimic professional academic conferences.

NordPhil 2016 is organized by student Saber Malmgren together with professor Matti Eklund, both at Uppsala university, with the help of the organizers and participants of NordPhil 2015. It is financed by the Department of Philosophy at Uppsala university and by the Enequist funds through Kungliga Humanistiska Vetenskaps-Samfundet i Uppsala.

Keynote speaker
We are delighted to have Anna-Sofia Maurin, Professor of Theoretical Philosophy of the University of Gothenburg as our keynote speaker.

Who can come?

Apart from our key-note speaker, all talks will be held by BA and MA students from the Nordic countries. If you want to attend without giving a talk (what we call “passive participation”) please see this page. We welcome anyone interested in philosophy to apply for passive participation, be they students, faculty members or members of the general public.

Language requirements
The preferred language for presentations is English, but Norwegian, Danish and Swedish is also allowed. See our language policy for more details.

The presentation
Each active participant is given a total of fifty minutes for presenting his work. At least fifteen of those minutes are expected to be left for discussion and questions from other participants at the conference. This leaves thirty five minutes for each presentation.

There will be free coffee, snacks and lunch for all active and passive participants who gives us notice about their attendance to NordPhil. If the interest in participating is greater than expected, those who gave notice of their interest to participate early on will be prioritized over those who waited to do so/did not contact us.

There will be a dinner on May 7th that is free for active participants, but if you are a passive participant who wants to join the dinner anyway, you are more than welcome to do so if you give us notice about it when you write to us. Otherwise there could be seating issues.